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i love you

I truly do , because this animation is so abstract and calm it made my DAY!

Omg :0

WEll .. shity graphics , the idea is kinda hor...i mean funny! xD

I pity him ;(

That one sweet ass eraser you got there! Walks and has emotions! xD
Some shades and more effects would boost the video to top charts , oh yes.. and better QUALITEA! Khoala tea , like lol... get it? Khoala-Tea?

Carr77 responds:

Thanks for the comment :D
And yeah, I get it xD

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The game is mostly perfect the meniu is very fitting , the buttons and the effect when they come out of the metal protector when you push next. I liked the music , but you should lover it's volume because it gets thorough my ears and maybe you could mute the colume on the very first PLAY screen , because if you want to play other games the sound bothers alot.


It's SO AWESOME!!!!! i have no complanes on controls , on graphics THE MUSIC IS JUST WONDERFUL!!!! You my man are awesome! Sorry , i'm really tired so i wrote out my emotions not ups and downs ;D

Fo real?

Interacive YAY! Design is pretty simple so as graphics , music fits in - ambient style yay!
Story - Maybe do an escape - type - were - you - can't - remember - shit - and - you're - traped - like ?

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OOOOOOOH sheeeeyt

Groovy , reminds me of inspector gadget :D . Very nice! It could sound great without the vocals too!

73Quantum responds:

Well thanx, but I am very familiar with the tune to Inspector Gadget and I don't hear the resemblance. But thanx for the score any way ;-)

It's creepy alright!

Rymth is great , reminds the 80's , melody is really abstract , and the voicing fits in perfectly , brr! I got a chill down my spine! But the song isn't that good to be remembered...

sapoman responds:

At least I scared you.


I use fl9 too . Word. This is awesome , please tell how you got the scratchy noise that has the highest velocity in this track?

Dj-ReVeRsE responds:

umm, message me... im not sure what scratchy thing your talking about lol :P but thanks :)

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I will hang it on my wall as a poster , it's wonderful . Ilike the way you draw anime , maybe you do videos on youtube? Did you tought yourself how to draw?

dani2d responds:

Thanks, but I have not made videos jejeje is a good idea. I draw since I was 8 years :D
I really like the idea of place as a poster.

He's alerted

A moody scetch , i like it . Maybeif the fuzzyness on the edges would be removed it would give a more realistic look.


I like his smile :] , lacks shadows especially on the feet , if you drop some shadings on the corners of his nails that would give an atmospheric look . I like his gear...

Oh sh*t , i forgot the damn on button!

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