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2010-10-13 09:17:06 by diedukaslt


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2010-02-26 11:37:12 by diedukaslt

I thought that working with <Macromedia Flash> was really damn hard , but it isn't... My first flash :D it's pointless , but it's a flash!


Still new......

2009-09-19 03:40:16 by diedukaslt

Still young....
With no animation skills :D

But i have some art skills :P

Still new......

I'm new

2009-07-21 04:30:46 by diedukaslt

So i'm new.I'm just 13 year old i knew this portal at my age of 8.And i only now think that its time to sign up!I play cs so if anybody is name is FRY`.

Well i won't be making vids.Maybe pictures........

Oh and i'm from lithuania.....

I'm new